About FSK

FSK came into being on 25 July 2007. It grew out of the Sai Kung Association formed on 27 February 2004 by the late Kevin Sinclair and Judy Love-Eastham. Judy agreed that, because of difficulties with contacting SKA office bearers in order to move forward, it was easier to register a new society with broadly the same objectives.


FSK held its first Steering Committee Meeting on 29 August 2007, its 2nd on 19 September 2007 and its 3rd and final meeting, at which the Constitution was approved and signed, on 19 November 2007.

Committee meetings were held regularly during the year and the 1st AGM was held on 10 November 2008 at which Prudence Lui was elected Chairman, Judy Love-Eastham was elected Vice Chairman and James Wong was elected Secretary. Judy then left FSK to concentrate on her highly supportive and informative Explore Sai Kung magazine.

FSK is now entering a period of consolidation, concentrating on building up its local membership, engaging with the local community and working as closely as possible with local government and elected officials to achieve its Objects.