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Details of environmental and conservation issues FSK is currently involved in. Members of the public are encouraged to get involved to help preserve the Sai Kung environment and its unique wildlife.

Phase 2 Action for SOCP Campaign

It is time for the second push. Lets increase the representations with comments.

Deadline is 14 Feb – Valentine’s Day (“Love the Country Park”)

Sign Before 14 February 2014!

protect our country parks !

Go to www.countryparks.hk to sign your support for the country parks.

Government promises

The Tai Long Sai Wan incident in July 2010 was a reminder that country parks are at risk from development. Government promised immediate action to protect the parks. Last year,Tai Long Sai Wan was incorporated into the country park.

51 others enclaves are at risk from development

Unfortunately, for other enclaves, including Hoi Ha, Pak Lap, So Lo Pun, Pak Tam Au, To Kwa Peng and Tin Fu Tsai, large areas of land are zoned for small house development.

SOCP Campaign Action



We must communicate the simplest message. The “incremental and infinite” development under the small house policy will damage the integrity of the country parks: We can’t allow the small house cancer to spread deep inside the country parks without supervision by AFCD, therefore we need all enclaves in country parks.

I don’t care whether the enclave is a barren rock. Yes, if there are a billion frogs and butterflies AFCD may find it easier to justify fighting the Heung Yee Kuk. But why should we, the campaigners, limit ourselves to the same standards as the burocrats?

Even if it is rock or ruined land with nothing there, the issue is the safeguarding of THE INTEGRITY OF THE COUNTRY PARKS, especially Plover Cove and Sai Kung. That was exactly the reasoning behind incorporating Wan Tsai, now the Sai Kung West Country Park, in 1996. It was a scarred burrow area, it had little ecological value and was only recently reforested.

(And yes, once included in country parks, the AFCD will need a few more resources but what is more important they the law and enforcement power. If not included in country parks, AFCD will not be able to control village developers and the damage will be ongoing and unstoppable.)

Actions to stop incompatible small house development

Actions to stop incompatible small house development

In November 2013, more than 30,000 objection letters have been sent to the Town Planning Board protesting against the large village zone in Hoi Ha, Pak Lap and So Lo Pun draft OZP. 

The comment period for those OZPs will end on 14 February 2014. Save Our Country Parks is asking the public to help stop incompatible small house development in country park enclaves. Details will be announced during the press conference:

Date: 10 February 2014 (Monday)
Time: 14:30
Venue: Inmedia Office, 9/F, Foo Tak Building, Wan Chai

If there is any enquiries, please contact Debby Chan by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 3104 3107





Application number A/SK-CWBS/14

Application number A/SK-CWBS/14
Dear sirs,

I write on behalf of Friends of Sai Kung to register strong objections to the above named application.

This is a proposal to rezone the application site in Mau Po from “Green Belt” to “Village Type Development”.

We have the following comments:


1. We have observed with disquiet that the Planning Department and Town Planning Board have in the last year been
increasingly zoning Green Belt as V Zone or development. In the last year some 107 hectares of Green Belt was zoned
for residential building development - a fivefold increase over the previous year.

2. This is very disappointing given that the Town Planning Board has imposed a general presumption against development on Green Belt zones.

3. To our astonishment, in its zealous search of land for housing, the Government has picked the Green Belt zones for development. This violates long established
planning principles.

4. There should be a public consultation before such a drastic change of policy, in order to set out defined regulations to minimize any adverse environmental impact
brought about by developing Green Belt zones which are of so much importance.

Representations on Hoi Ha, Pak Lap and So Lo Pun

30,075 representations oppose development in Hoi Ha, Pak Lap and So Lo Pun


The Town Planning Board has posted the gist of the 32,567 representations it received on its website. 30,075 (92%) oppose development in Country Parks against 2,492 (8%) which seek increased development in Country Parks.

10,934 representations were received for Hoi Ha (Sai Kung). 812 seek more development, 10,122 call for protecting the country park from development.

10,775 representations were received for Pak Lap (Sai Kung). 800 seek more development and 9,975 call for protecting the country park from development

10,858 representations were received for So Lo Pun (Plover Cove). 880 seek more development and 9,978 call for protecting the country park from development.

The deadline for comments on the representations is 14 February 2014. Here is a summary overview.

Administration's Responses to questions raised by Friends of Hoi Ha/Save Our Country Parks at the hearing of LegCo's Complaints Panel on Monday 18 November 2013 Questions for LegCo on 18 November 2013.docx

Dear Honourable Members of LegCo’s Complaints Panel and Attendees of the Monday 18 November Panel Meeting at LegCo

Administration’s Responses – Our Comments

Please find attached:

· The questions we submitted to the Complaints Panel before the meeting on Monday 18 November

· The Powerpoint presentation we gave to the Panel on Monday 18 November

· The answer we received from the Administration

· The comments of FOHH on the Administration’s Responses – which are copied here below


Comments for LegCo Members who will meet on Monday 23 December with officials regarding our complaints about Hoi Ha's OZP

Please find attached our comments on ‘The Administration's response to the deputation's concerns and requests, LC Paper No. CRM 377/13-14(01).’

We hope these comments will be of use to you when you meet with officials regarding our complaints concerning Hoi Ha’s OZP at a meeting at LegCo on Monday 23 December at 10 am.

Object to collusion between village developers and Government

Object to collusion between village developers and Government

How do you explain this?

Records (below) of land sales in Hoi Ha and Pak Lap, two enclaves in the Sai Kung Country Parks, show how villagers have sold their agriculture land to developers in recent years. Guess what, the new draft outline zoning plans show that these exact areas are zoned for development - development which will damage the integrity of the country parks.

Let’s ignore, as the Government does, that the Small House Policy is to provide homes for sons of villagers, not for wanton development. Coincidence or collusion? Did someone get lucky? Did developers have some spectacular foresight? Did developers twist the arms of the Planning Department?

2 SKC-incinerator-related dates for your diary

2 SKC-incinerator-related dates for your diary in this coming week:


THIS FRIDAY 13 DECEMBER AT 8PM - Secretary for the Environment K.S.Wong will visit Cheung Chau to discuss with local people the proposed incinerator for Shek Kwu Chau.

The meeting will take place in the offices of the Cheung Chau Rural Committee on Cheung Chau Beach Road, a 5 minute walk from the ferry piers.

The express purpose of the meeting is to hear the opinion of local people about the SKC incinerator. Anyone is welcome to attend and express an opinion.


Public consultation

Dear Friends,

PLease also noted that there will be a Public consultation of this issue on this Friday(13th Dec,2013) in Cheung Chau at 8:00pm held by the Cheung Chau rural council. The Head of Environmental Bureau ,Mr Wong Kam Shing will come . Hope that you can attached and voice your opinions.attached Pls find the notice.
本星期五(12月13日)晚上8時, 環保局長黃錦星會到長洲, 出席焚化爐的諮詢會, 希望大家能出席支持長洲居民反對在石鼓洲興建焚化爐.附上有關文件.

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