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Details of environmental and conservation issues FSK is currently involved in. Members of the public are encouraged to get involved to help preserve the Sai Kung environment and its unique wildlife.

WWF Enclaves Investigation Report

The Enclaves Investigation Report compiled by WWF-HK has been completed. This report details the importance of enclaves, their destruction fueled by development and what needs to be done to properly protect them. A featured article on this issue can be found in the link below where you can also download the full report and executive summary.

English: http://wwf.hk/cprepen 
Chinese: http://wwf.hk/cprepch 

Hope this report will help our battle to save the enclaves, in particular Hoi Ha, So Lo Pun and Pak Lap in which their fate will be determined by Town Planning Board in the coming days. Please keep up the heat by raising this topic in your network and feel free to share the article and report.

Ehrlich-LOH Residences.pdf Santa Monica CA

In 2017 Christine Loh will be out of here for her mansion in Santa Monica (clean air, recycling, food waste Green Bin collection FOC)

http://www.smgov.net/Departments/PublicWorks/ContentRecycling.aspx?id=16222               Green Bin food waste collection

http://www.smgov.net/departments/Council/agendas/2009/20090428/s2009042808-A.htm  Zero waste at home in California – why not here ?

http://www.sfenvironment.org/zero-waste not for Hong Kong ?


She will be leaving a toxic incinerator / landfill / ash lagoon legacy to appear 6 years after she departs


Taiwan’s Zero Waste policy

Dear Legco Members,

Herewith relevant Taiwan’s Zero Waste policy for your information.

Kind regards,

James Middleton




-       Waste Prevention Targets

As a result of community pressure, in 2003,TEPA adopted a zero waste policy. Initially, the definition of zero waste included incineration, but

after criticism from community organizations, the wording adopted in December 2003 defined zero waste as “effectively recycling and utilizing resources

through green production, green consumption, source reduction, recovery, reuse, and recycling.”3 In addition, the policy established waste diversion targets of 25

percent by 2007, 40 percent by 2011, and 75 percent by 2020. Unlike most diversion figures, these referenced a static baseline of 8.33 million tons of

waste generated in 2001.


The HKIE should rethink its position on incineration

Scientific reports show food waste disposers & disposal by existing in situ sewage networks have a beneficial effect on sewage systems & is a totally viable treatment method (contrary to unfounded non scientific HKG ENB waffle)

The HKIE should rethink its position on incineration

More than 40% of our daily domestic waste (3,400 m3 food waste) can be easily handled at Stonecutters (2.7 million cubic meters waste water daily capacity by 2016) current load only 1.3m m3 per day


To all Legco Members 


Hong Kong’s Waste Plan ‘B’


Scientific easily accessible reports show food waste disposers & disposal by existing in situ sewage networks have a  beneficial effect on sewage systems & is a totally viable treatment method (contrary to unfounded non-scientific HKG ENB department blinkered waffle)


1 Source separation laws/

2 Green bin collection of food and yard waste by Govt /

3 Industrial garburation to puree the (already ultra-wet) collected food waste at transfer stations /

4 Use of in situ sewage system for disposal is 100% viable and would remove more than 40% of our daily domestic MSW load.

Removal of the food waste would leave dry MSW that can be recycled and create new local recycling industries and employment.


EPD needs a Plan B for waste management

EPD needs a Plan B for waste management

Wednesday, 23 April, 2014, 12:46am Business


Howard Winn

Despite difficulties in pushing its controversial incinerator project through the Legislative Council, the government is showing no signs of taking a second look at its proposals. Indeed, it seems to be making it more obdurate in its determination to ram the project through.

However, organisations outside the government, notably the New Territories Concern Group and Clear the Air, have done much to alert the public and the government to alternative possibilities for dealing with Hong Kong's waste. But the government has confronted these alternatives almost as if they were a threat and tried to undermine them.

The government's plan is to build a mass-burn moving-grate incinerator on Shek Kwu Chau at a cost of about HK$15 billion and then spend a further HK$8 billion to HK$10 billion building an artificial island of 11.8 hectares. Inevitably, this price will rise. All this in a scenic conservation area. Even proponents of incineration think it odd to site the incinerator on an island miles away from the users of the electricity it is supposedly going to generate.

Incinerator Matters - April 14

From Clean The Air - James Middleton
I have today sent a 20 Mb file to all Legco members regarding DAB’s en masse blinkered lack of conscience and relevant incinerator matters

Attached is the cover letter

You will see Dr Evans of CIWEM is a world expert in his field, exponentially more qualified than anyone in Hong Kong (such as Elvis or any of the Government stooges)

For those who want the remaining two detailed attachments pls contact me with an email address such as Gmail that can receive 20Mb attachment

There is also an interesting damning report on Incinerator Ash in the attachments

SOCP - Town Planning Board Meeting - Have your say before the 8th April



The Town Planning Board received over 30,000 representations and comments on the draft Outline Zoning Plans for Hoi Ha, Pak Lap and So Lo Pun. Everyone has now received an invitation to be heard by the Board. The hearings will start 28 April and are expected to end mid-May.

We urge you to try and present your personal view. It is important to demonstrate that safeguarding the Country Parks is a matter of great public concern.

In your reply to the Town Planning Board on or before 8 April please include:

1.The estimated time needed for your presentation

“I will need xx minutes for my presentation.”;

2.If necessary, request to be heard in a morning or afternoon session

“I prefer to be heard in the morning/afternoon due to other commitments.”;

3.Request to be heard on a Saturday if you are not available on a weekday

“I wish to be heard on a Saturday due to work commitments.”


Don’t hesitate to send us your queries at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will publish next week a “How to make a presentation to the Town Planning Board” on our website.


Together We Can Save Our Country Parks!

P.S. We don’t promote the use of proxies. However, if you have a speech, video or presentation which you wish ‘A Member of the Save Our Country Park Alliance’ to deliver, please send us the signed (signature, name and date) proxy form via fax or email. We will complete the details of the representative.


Save Our Country Parks

Fax: 21872305

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.countryparks.hk





1. 預計所需發言時間


2. 如果未能騰出一天的時間等待,可要求分配到上午或下午的時段


3. 如果未能出席平日的會議,可要求在星期六舉行


如有任何疑問請電郵  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  與我們聯絡。我們下星期會上載「如何在城規會作出申述」到我們的網頁







電郵: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SCMP Article

AFCD to destroy and develop scenic barbeque site against public’s wishes

AFCD to destroy and develop scenic barbeque site against public’s wishes


Letter 1: Member of the Public

I write to object to the proposed destruction of BBQ site 1 to make way for
a Visitor Centre.

Below are my reasons:

At the meeting on the 21st January it was stated that the Visitor Centre
would be for the benefit of the 10 coach loads of people who come to Hoi Ha
each day, 5 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.

It is rather extreme to destroy a beautiful BBQ site when these same people
could be taken either to the Visitor Centre at the park gate or else, with
some refurbishment, the AFCD premises along Hoi Ha Road to "enhance their
knowledge on conservation works and legislation of Marine Parks".

It was also stated that a coach turning area would be provided on this same
BBQ site.  Just before the BBQ site there is a coach park for 3 coaches
plus a turning area. If the 10 coaches that are permitted into Hoi Ha daily
were properly staggered the 3 existing coach parking spaces would be
adequate. There is no need to destroy the BBQ site for this purpose.

Judicial Review of the CE's decision to incorporate Sai Wan Tsuen as part of Sai Kung East Country Park " HCAL150/2013 of the High Court





NO 150 OF 2013



IN THE MATTER of an Application for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review by Mr Thomas Lai pursuant to Order 53, rule 3 of the Rules of the High Court, Cap 4A


IN THE MATTER of the Decision of the Chief Executive in Council Approving the Draft Plan (Plan No. CP/SK(E)B) of Sai Kung East Country Park on 7 May 2013


    THOMAS LAI  Applicant


Before: Hon G Lam J in Court
Date of Hearing: 27 January 2014
Date of Judgment: 28 February 2014
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