Object to collusion between village developers and Government

Object to collusion between village developers and Government

How do you explain this?

Records (below) of land sales in Hoi Ha and Pak Lap, two enclaves in the Sai Kung Country Parks, show how villagers have sold their agriculture land to developers in recent years. Guess what, the new draft outline zoning plans show that these exact areas are zoned for development - development which will damage the integrity of the country parks.

Let’s ignore, as the Government does, that the Small House Policy is to provide homes for sons of villagers, not for wanton development. Coincidence or collusion? Did someone get lucky? Did developers have some spectacular foresight? Did developers twist the arms of the Planning Department?

2 SKC-incinerator-related dates for your diary

2 SKC-incinerator-related dates for your diary in this coming week:


THIS FRIDAY 13 DECEMBER AT 8PM - Secretary for the Environment K.S.Wong will visit Cheung Chau to discuss with local people the proposed incinerator for Shek Kwu Chau.

The meeting will take place in the offices of the Cheung Chau Rural Committee on Cheung Chau Beach Road, a 5 minute walk from the ferry piers.

The express purpose of the meeting is to hear the opinion of local people about the SKC incinerator. Anyone is welcome to attend and express an opinion.


Public consultation

Dear Friends,

PLease also noted that there will be a Public consultation of this issue on this Friday(13th Dec,2013) in Cheung Chau at 8:00pm held by the Cheung Chau rural council. The Head of Environmental Bureau ,Mr Wong Kam Shing will come . Hope that you can attached and voice your opinions.attached Pls find the notice.
本星期五(12月13日)晚上8時, 環保局長黃錦星會到長洲, 出席焚化爐的諮詢會, 希望大家能出席支持長洲居民反對在石鼓洲興建焚化爐.附上有關文件.

Tai Long Sai Wan to be Incorporated into Country Parks

新聞稿: 大浪西灣終納入郊野公園聯盟歡迎結果





吳希文 電話﹕9558 9350 / 2272 0303

「保衛郊野公園」各團體包括﹕ Ark Eden、香港地貌岩石保育協會、創建香港、海下之友、西貢之友、大浪灣之友、香港地球之友、綠領行動、綠色社區、綠色和平、綠色力量、環保觸覺、香港觀鳥會、香港海豚保育學會、香港野遊、香港自然生態論壇、大嶼山愛護水牛協會、西貢大浪灣關注組、香港自然探索學會、長春社、世界自然基金會香港分會、世界綠色組織

Press Release

Alliance welcomes the final result to incorporate Tai Long Sai Wan into Country Park

(4th December 2013) Legco has voted against Lau Wong Fat’s motion to exclude Tai Long Sai Wan from the Sai Kung Country Park. The Save Our Country Parks Alliance (The Alliance) thanks the Legco members who supported the protection of country parks from development.

The Alliance expresses its disappointment with Legco members who distorted the intention of incorporating Tai Long Sai Wan into the Country Park. The alliance reconfirms that incorporating “enclaves” into Country Park will assist the Government’s initiatives in conservation and improve basic facilities in village area. Excluding enclaves from the Country Parks would be destructive for both villagers and the society as a whole and would not have been accepted by society.

The Alliance reiterates that incorporating enclaves into the Country Park system will benefit villagers and does not restrict their daily lives. Members of the Alliance have for a long time called on the Government to initiate plans to improve the livelihood of local people in Sai Wan Village and even all country park“enclaves” and to improve the amenity and recreational value of “enclaves”. Under this strategy Country Park can truly attain the goal of sustainable development and “harmony between urban and rural space”.

The controversy surrounding the incorporation of Tai Long Sai Wan into Sai Kung Country Park is not the end, but the start of a long campaign to protect the country parks. The Alliance urges the Government to incorporate the remaining country park “enclaves” into the adjoining Country Parks, and to allocate resources to improve the ecological, geological, recreational and aesthetic value of “enclaves”, and to enhance the ancillary facilities for the benefit of tourists as well as locals.

Media contact: Roy Ng 9558 9350 / 2272 0303

Members of Save Our Country Parks Alliance: Ark Eden, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong, Designing Hong Kong, Friends of Hoi Ha, Friends of Sai Kung, Friends of Tai Long Wan, Friends of the Earth (HK), Greeners Action, Green Communities, Green Peace, Green Power, Green Sense, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, Society of Hong Kong Nature Explorers, Hong Kong Outdoors, HKWildlife.net, Lantau Buffalo Association, Sai Kung Tai Long Wan Concern Group, Society of Hong Kong Explorers, The Conservancy Association, WWF Hong Kong, World Green Organisation

Friends of Hoi Ha Letter to AFCD - Oct 2013

Friends of Hoi Letter to AFCD Oct 2013

FSK submission regarding the redevelopment of Pak Sha O

Draft Pak Sha O Development Permission Area Plan No. DPA/NE-PSO/1 (Representation No. R14) letter from FSK sent on the 12th September

Draft Pak Sha O Development Permission Area Plan No. DPA/NE-PSO/1 (Representation No. R14) letter from FSK sent on the 12th September



Pak Lap OZP - Letter to the Town Planning Dept from FSK



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