Dear All

As you may know, The Friends of Sai Kung Annual General Meeting is at 8pm on 4th April 2014 at (insert location) opposite Pepperonis restaurant.

The Friends of Sai Kung constitution as presently drafted bars a Committee member from serving on the committee for more than 3 years.

During most of the last year we have operated without a chairperson or vice chairperson because not enough FSK members are willing to join the committee.

We badly need a committee which has continuity and to keep the accumulated experience of existing committee members whilst encouraging applications to serve on the committee by fresh applicants.

If I and others are to be able to continue serving on the committee after the AGM on 4th April 2014 the constitution must be amended by a 75% majority in favour.

The vote can be taken by proxy or by members voting by email.

Please indicate “Yes” or “No” if you agree with the following resolution:

“The constitution be amended to abolish the 3 year restriction on the duration of service by committee members.”

Please send a simple email stating “Y” or “N” to John Wright at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP (BEFORE 31th MARCH 2014)

If you do not reply it will be taken as no objection and therefore a “Yes”.

Please make sure you vote to help keep FSK strong.

I look forward to your early reply.

Thanks and kind regards,

John Wright

Judicial Review of the CE's decision to incorporate Sai Wan Tsuen as part of Sai Kung East Country Park " HCAL150/2013 of the High Court





NO 150 OF 2013



IN THE MATTER of an Application for Leave to Apply for Judicial Review by Mr Thomas Lai pursuant to Order 53, rule 3 of the Rules of the High Court, Cap 4A


IN THE MATTER of the Decision of the Chief Executive in Council Approving the Draft Plan (Plan No. CP/SK(E)B) of Sai Kung East Country Park on 7 May 2013


    THOMAS LAI  Applicant


Before: Hon G Lam J in Court
Date of Hearing: 27 January 2014
Date of Judgment: 28 February 2014

Dualling of Hiram's Highway

Thanks very much for your enquiry. 

As per the tele-conversation between you and our Engineer Mr. Patrick Liang on 3rd March am, please be advised that the gazette notice as referred to in your email is related to a Speed Arrester Bed (i.e. a gravel bed for bringing a vehicle to a stop in case of brake problem) previously proposed to be implemented along Hiram's Highway near Mok Tse Che. The Speed Arrester Bed proposal was withdrawn in view of the objections received and advice from Transport Department that its non-implementation will not compromise road safety. Links to related gazette notices are attached below for your information: 

FSK objection to AFCD Visitors Center on existing BBQ area at Hoi Ha

KFBG comments on Tin Fu Tsai Outline Zoning Plan No. S/TM-TFT/1

Green Groups call on the public to vote against small house developments in country parks

Green Groups call on the public to vote against small house developments in country parks

How to donate to FSK

To donate to FSK, please deposit funds to Bank of China (BOC) 012-617-00023319


Our costs include...

Banner production for different campaigns

Leaflets and flyers for different campaigns

Production of the yearly community calendar 

Event costs (AGM / Member meetings and gatherings etc)


If you are able to make a donation, please send a copy of the deposit slip to our Treasurer at


Thank you in advance.

Phase 2 Action for SOCP Campaign

It is time for the second push. Lets increase the representations with comments.

Deadline is 14 Feb – Valentine’s Day (“Love the Country Park”)

Sign Before 14 February 2014!

protect our country parks !

Go to to sign your support for the country parks.

Government promises

The Tai Long Sai Wan incident in July 2010 was a reminder that country parks are at risk from development. Government promised immediate action to protect the parks. Last year,Tai Long Sai Wan was incorporated into the country park.

51 others enclaves are at risk from development

Unfortunately, for other enclaves, including Hoi Ha, Pak Lap, So Lo Pun, Pak Tam Au, To Kwa Peng and Tin Fu Tsai, large areas of land are zoned for small house development.

SOCP Campaign Action



We must communicate the simplest message. The “incremental and infinite” development under the small house policy will damage the integrity of the country parks: We can’t allow the small house cancer to spread deep inside the country parks without supervision by AFCD, therefore we need all enclaves in country parks.

I don’t care whether the enclave is a barren rock. Yes, if there are a billion frogs and butterflies AFCD may find it easier to justify fighting the Heung Yee Kuk. But why should we, the campaigners, limit ourselves to the same standards as the burocrats?

Even if it is rock or ruined land with nothing there, the issue is the safeguarding of THE INTEGRITY OF THE COUNTRY PARKS, especially Plover Cove and Sai Kung. That was exactly the reasoning behind incorporating Wan Tsai, now the Sai Kung West Country Park, in 1996. It was a scarred burrow area, it had little ecological value and was only recently reforested.

(And yes, once included in country parks, the AFCD will need a few more resources but what is more important they the law and enforcement power. If not included in country parks, AFCD will not be able to control village developers and the damage will be ongoing and unstoppable.)

Actions to stop incompatible small house development

Actions to stop incompatible small house development

In November 2013, more than 30,000 objection letters have been sent to the Town Planning Board protesting against the large village zone in Hoi Ha, Pak Lap and So Lo Pun draft OZP. 

The comment period for those OZPs will end on 14 February 2014. Save Our Country Parks is asking the public to help stop incompatible small house development in country park enclaves. Details will be announced during the press conference:

Date: 10 February 2014 (Monday)
Time: 14:30
Venue: Inmedia Office, 9/F, Foo Tak Building, Wan Chai

If there is any enquiries, please contact Debby Chan by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 3104 3107



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